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If you’re a hankerin’ for a weekend rich in the storied history of the American West, then gather ‘round the campfire for the 2022 Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering, coming up Jan. 15 and 16 at the American Mountaineering Center in downtown Golden.

The event brings generations of cowboy heritage, traditions, and entertainment to life on stage to delight both young and old.

If you’ve never been before, Jerry Cunningham, longtime CCPG volunteer and spokesperson, said to expect to experience the a range of emotions.

“Once you go, you can never not go,” he said. “One minute, you’ll find yourself laughing in this deep, hard belly laugh, and the next, there’s a lump in your throat, and your eyes fill with tears.”

This year’s two-day roundup includes one evening performance, one daytime four-part themed session and a Sunday matinee.

It’s a family-friendly weekend that captures the spirit and lifestyle of the traditional American cowboy through poetry, song and verse.

For more than three decades, the Gathering has celebrated the cowboy life and culture with an all-star cast of award-winning cowboy poets and musicians from across the country and around the world.

The 2022 Gathering features a blockbuster lineup of headlining performers:

Andy Nelson, cowboy poet and humorist

Carol Heuchan, renowned Australian bush poet Dave Stamey

Eli Barsi, Canadian singer, songwriter, musician and yodeler

Gary Allegretto, award-winning cowboy singer, songwriter and harmonica player

Jean Prescott, award-winning cowgirl singer and performer

Susie Knight, award-winning singer, songwriter and poet

Terry Nash, award-winning Colorado cowboy poet

Established in 1986, the Colorado Cowboy Gathering was formed to celebrate cowboy life and culture. The performances rekindle life on the range as award-winning poets, singers, musicians, and yodelers recount the joys and hardships of the Old West.

Cunningham says the Gathering is a family-friendly event with plenty of programming for those with little buckaroos.

He adds that on Saturday, food trucks will be onsite at the CCPG with a variety of theme-appropriate chow.

“If you or a family member have never been to the Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering, it’s almost a sin,” said Cunningham. “You have to come—it’s life-changing.”

Tickets for evening performances and themed session matinees are on sale now at ColoradoCowboyGathering.com. Ticket prices range between $20 and $99.

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