We were told in the rezoning of Digger Field to Planned Development (PD) apartments that all issues would be resolved in Design Review. The Catch 22 is that certain things in the PD are allowed: only 5’ setback on Miner Street instead of the normal 20’ with 40-foot high buildings right up to the street overshadowing the historic neighborhood causing an icy street and sidewalk and a neighborhood street that will look more like an alley. In addition, the two-way intersection of the development parking lot on to Miner Street and the two-way intersection of 9th Avenue and Miner Street are too close and dangerous. They would normally be required to be combined into a four-way intersection. Instead, the City denies that these are problems, all to save the developer money on bringing in fill dirt.

This process sets precedents that will favor the developers at the expense of the citizens. For example, the Old Middle School will be renovated into a new elementary school, and the current Carlson Elementary building will be sold. The question is will Carlson be demolished for a Frankenstein-sized building or will some be preserved and kept to a reasonable scale for it to become the City’s crown jewel? 

This is only the beginning of what could be the Denverization of Idaho Springs and the Clear Creek Community. 

Mike Caistor, Idaho Springs

A valuable resource in the community

I would like to bring attention to a valuable resource that appears in the form of an RV in the Idaho Springs Safeway parking lot every Wednesday with “Jefferson Center” logo displayed.  It is the Jefferson County Mental Health Center’s mobile unit that offers “walk in” addiction and mental health support services staffed by both male and female professionals who will welcome anyone in a warm down to earth manner promising respect and assurance of confidentiality. They are funded through a grant making their resource affordable for all. They visit various local small communities different days of the week. If you have an addiction or mental health concern, or a concern for a loved one, do not hesitate to seek help. You will be making the first step of a joyful journey that can only be for the better. Do it!

Charles Selkirk, Idaho Springs