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Adams 14 School District and Adams 14 School Succeed, also known as MGT America Consulting, are business partners no more.
The district’s board terminated the contract Jan. 11. The notice takes effect April 11.
The board cited activities on the part of MGT that launched an investigation by the Adams County District Attorney’s Office.
“Our office was recently contacted by a representative of the Adams 14 school board,” said a statement from DA spokesman Chris Hopper. “He (the board member) asked us to review some documentation that he provided to us on Friday, Dec. 17, 2021. We are in the process of doing so to see if there is any additional action that needs to be taken.”
In a press release, Adams 14 spokesman Robert Lundin said the board also stressed that the conduct of A14SS (MGT Management) “has undermined statutory
public trust obligations and included actions believed by the board to constitute attempts to illegally influence public servants.”
Officials with MGT have not responded to a request for comment.
The press release also said the board named sefveral instances to engage with the management firm to address concerns “but wwere not afforded the dignity of any response.”
The state ordered the district to hire an outside management firm three years ago because of the district’s poor academic standing.The three-month window between
the board’s decision and termination of the contract allows the district to find a new management firm.
The board’s Jan. 11 vote was unaniumous.