If one understands that ex-DA George Brauchler is an unrepentant voice for a more punitive, retributive, carceral form of justice, then his Denver Post columns should come as no surprise. He spent millions of taxpayer dollars holding a death penalty trial for James Holmes, the Aurora theater murderer who was deemed mentally ill, because that’s what he wanted. In the end, he had to accept the jury’s decision and the deal that was already on the table — life imprisonment without possibility of parole.

If one understands that George is a mouthpiece for a Unite for Colorado, a deep-pocketed organization that doesn’t disclose its donors and whose purpose is to win elections for the GOP in Colorado, then his columns should come as no surprise. Fear-mongering hyperbole is a hallmark of his rhetoric. His column “Polis bows to public pressure and corrupts justice” focuses on Governor Polis as it was his decision for Rogel Aguilera-Mederos’ clemency, which many would say didn’t “corrupt justice.” OK, but why throw Attorney General Weiser into the mix? And DA Alexis King for agreeing with the judge on the Aguilera-Mederos case to reconsider sentencing? Because they’re Democrats? And Democrats are responsible for all the ills of the world?

As Mr. Brauchler points out, it’s an election year. And he will do his best to cast unfounded aspersions and blame on incumbent Democrats. The two that he has highlighted in numerous columns, whether or not they have a connection to the subject, are the Governor and the Attorney General whose seats Mr. Brauchler failed to win.

Lynne Popkowski