• Elijah Hatch

Elijah Hatch is hoping his advocacy for business, limited government and individual liberties will help return him to the at-large seat on the Weld County board of commissioners.

He announced his candidacy Jan. 1.

“I felt a call to run for Weld County Council in 2020 and have been a proud advocate for the residents of Weld County,” he said in a statement. “We need leaders who stand for what is right, not necessarily what is popular.”

Hatch touted the county’s economy as “one of the strongest, thanks to years of conservative leadership.

“We must continue this tradition to keep Weld County as one of the leading defenders of conservative principles in the state of Colorado,’ he said in the statement. “I am honored to have earned the support of many business leaders, community activists, and elected officials.”

Also, Hatch has owned several businesses.

“I bring a unique perspective to Weld County government and hope to utilize this skillset to make Weld County even more pro-business,” he said in the statement. “I know the value of a dollar and will protect your hard-earned money. Providing the residents of Weld County an elected official who listens and is always reachable was my promise in my last campaign and that same promise still holds true today.”

Hatch called himself “not a normal politician.”

“I do not even like being referred to as a ‘politician.’” his statement said. “I am just a resident of this great county, and I feel the need to stand up for my fellow citizens and protect what we have.”

Hatch has spent time volunteering with events in the county. He’s been the chairman of the county planning commission and president of the county’s fair board.

“I find it important to give back to this county and help teach our youth the same values that we grew up with,” Hatch said.

His campaign website is www.elijahforweld.com.