Tuesday, Dec. 14 — The Sheriff’s Office received a report of a theft in the 1300 block of County Road 314. Items had been stolen from a vehicle.

Tuesday, Dec. 14 — The Sheriff’s Office received reports of criminal mischief along Snyder Mountain Road. Someone had turned on a water hose.

Thursday, Dec. 16 — Georgetown police responded to two unrelated disturbances in the 1900 block of Argentine Street. The incidents were within a 24-hour period on Dec. 15 and Dec. 16, and each resulted in an arrest for suspected domestic violence.

Friday, Dec. 17 — For two consecutive nights, Georgetown police responded to noise complaints at a motel along Argentine Street. Both occasions apparently stemmed from a guest screaming in his sleep. After the second occurrence, the guest left the motel.

Friday, Dec. 17 — Empire police responded to a construction fraud incident along East Park Avenue. A business owner contracted a construction company to install restaurant equipment and assist with an interior buildout. The company was paid on the start date, and the worker left shortly thereafter and didn’t return. The business owner later learned that the worker uses multiple aliases and had been featured on Denver news channels for construction fraud and work unable to pass inspections.

Friday, Dec. 17 — After receiving reports of suspicious activity, Empire police contacted multiple people reportedly smoking marijuana inside a vehicle along West Park Avenue. The driver was outside the vehicle so he wouldn’t get a contact high. The group had just flown into Denver and was enroute to Winter Park. They were warned for smoking marijuana in public. The travelers said they were excited to be in a state where marijuana was legal, but weren’t aware of all the laws.

Monday, Dec. 20 — Georgetown police and other emergency workers responded to a possible swift-water rescue at Georgetown Lake. A witness driving on Interstate 70 reported seeing someone in the water with another individual on the ice trying to help. First responders interviewed those at the lake, but no one reported seeing anyone in distress.

Monday, Dec. 20 — The Sheriff’s Office responded to a theft along Silver City Road. The incident is still under investigation.

Monday, Dec. 20 — Empire police responded to criminal mischief at the town welcoming center and public restrooms along East Park Avenue. Someone had spray-painted graffiti and broken a sink.

Tuesday, Dec. 21 — The Sheriff’s Office received reports of a disturbance in the 2000 block of Fall River Road. The reporting party stated that road crews were blaring air horns and making loud noises.

Thursday, Dec. 23 — Georgetown police responded to a motel along Argentine Street for reports of an unwanted person. An individual tried to sleep in the motel lobby and refused to leave. Police escorted the individual off the property, and they complained of medical problems. They were ultimately transported to a hospital via ambulance.

Thursday, Dec. 23 — Georgetown police responded to a residence in the 700 block of Brownell Street for reports of an intoxicated person who was unwelcome at the residence. The intoxicated person was ultimately transported to the hospital via ambulance.