I want to congratulate the Evergreen Park and Rec Board for absolutely destroying the aesthetics of the beautiful Buchanan Park Rec Center which we taxpayers paid for. The three mini houses on the roof are ugly beyond description. Rumor is that the houses will contain antennas for emergency services (a noble cause); I only hope that the EPRD is being highly compensated for ruining the look of our building. 

Steve Carpenter, Evergreen

Masks are the law

The last three times I’ve shopped at the Evergreen King Soopers, I’ve seen plenty of shoppers flagrantly ignoring Jeffco’s current public health order: “Masks are required in all indoor public spaces.” I’ve confronted a handful of the unmasked, asking in so many words, “Did you know that right now the county requires you to wear a mask?” One guy said “no,” two replied that there was no sign on King Soopers’ door alerting them to the law, and two more flipped me the bird.

So this week, I asked the store manager why he doesn’t post a notice about the law at the most logical place, the store’s front doors? Verbally, he pretty much flipped me off too, telling me, “Well, we’re not going to enforce it.” This is the man King Soopers puts in charge of its Evergreen store. But I told him I get that, because we’ve all seen stories of unmasked customers across the country actually attacking retail workers who tried to enforce mask mandates. 

But when I went back to my original question about posting something on the doors, his answer was, “We’ve got lots of signage throughout the store.” The thing is, they don’t. I went looking for “lots of signage” and didn’t see a trace of it. If it’s not obvious when I’m looking for it, there’s little chance others will find it.

Masks are the law. They’re also common sense. I’d think everyone who shops there expects better from Evergreen’s most patronized business.

Greg Dobbs, Evergreen