After campaigning to keep politics out of the district, and pledging fiscal prudence; these silly notions have already been cast aside. The newest Douglas County School Board directors slammed through hiring a new pre-selected lawyer “to diversify legal advice to the board.” Call me slow but what exactly is diverse legal advice? The district already has legal counsel. Sounds like it is a case of ensuring they get the advice they want, as opposed to the advice they need.

Perhaps it is not necessary to point out that the new lawyer has a history of political activity since he said his Republican partisan activities will not affect his legal advice. Perhaps it is also not necessary to point out the fiscal extravagance of spending taxpayer money to pay for redundant counsel while our teachers continue to be underpaid. It is necessary, however, to point out it took less than a month for the board to perform its first politically motivated act.

Then, again maybe, since these directors campaigned on the “Kids First” platform, the new counsel is available for the children to call on, just as the directors made sure they can also get individual advice if they wish.

Paul Mauro

Highlands Ranch

Bill would empower public workers

Everyone should be able to work safely, be paid a living wage, and have a say in how they’re treated. That’s what advocates of the upcoming Colorado Public Employee Collective Bargaining Bill are trying to do by expanding collective bargaining rights to public sector workers. This bill is an important step in making Colorado a better place to live and work.

I’m a proud member of United Campus Workers Colorado – CWA Local 7799 and I’ve seen some of the most important work at my job be done by our members.

We’re working to make sure people who are most impacted by COVID are taken care of. We’ve been funding Community Fridges so that people who are food insecure can eat. We’ve been pushing for racial justice, disability rights, and LGBTQ inclusion. These are the kinds of things unions can create space for, and everyone deserves the right to ask for them.

As an employee, being in a union makes asking for what you deserve a little less scary. As an employer, having a union can help make sure your employees have the support they need. When we have what we need to live with dignity, not just get by, everyone benefits. It’s better for people, for families, and even business.

If you care about public workers and public institutions, I urge you to contact your state legislator and tell them. If you don’t know who your legislators are, you can find them here:

Shea Swauger