Morrison residents will vote on whether to allow a retail marijuana store and the subsequent taxation of marijuana in the town on their April ballots. 

The first question for voters to consider is whether the town can license a business to operate a retail marijuana store. The town plans to limit it to no more than one store, and the location will be east of the Dakota Hogback.  

The second question for voters to consider is how much the town should charge the marijuana business in sales tax.

The town’s current sales tax is 3.75%. Charging more than the current tax rate requires a referendum among voters because of TABOR, the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Town attorney Gerald Dahl has said Colorado charges 15% sales tax for marijuana shps and that the standard among cities and counties in the state is 5% to 10%. 

Ultimately, at a special meeting on Dec 15, board members decided the rate they would propose would be 6.25% for retail marijuana, with the ability to increase to no more than 11.25% without voting again.  

In past board meetings, members have brought up the “Red Rocks” effect, wondering if the popular venue near the new store will make it popular, which might allow the town to raise taxes in the future.