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  • The Saint Bernard's were all adopted through the rescue.
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Christmas came early for certain Littleton-area residents who were greeted Thursday morning by a procession of Saint Bernards with barrels of beer around their collar. 

Two Littleton-area households join four others across the metro area as winners of Breckenridge Brewery’s Saint Beernard Delivery. The brewery partnered with Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue to bring a fluffy flurry of dogs to the winners’ homes, where they were gifted several small kegs of the brewery’s signature Christmas Ale. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Breckenridge Brewery has been delivering beer to fans as a safe way to spread some joy. The brewery received national media attention last year when it enlisted reindeer to deliver their beer. 

“These mountain-dog deliveries are our nod to our mountain roots and the longstanding tradition of Christmas Ale,” said Breckenridge Brewery President Todd Usry in a statement about this year’s event. 

Winners Mark and Andrea Williams, self-described “ultimate dog lovers,” said they were surprised when they were told they’d won a delivery. 

“Both of our dogs are rescue dogs so we like to support the dog rescues as well, so that was kind of a cool little thing,” Andrea Williams told Colorado Community Media. 

The dogs were all adopted by their owners through Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue, a nonprofit that finds new homes for unwanted, abandoned or abused Saint Bernards and Saint Bernard mixes. 

“We are so excited to be a part of Breckenridge Brewery’s Christmas Ale Deliveries this year … all while celebrating these giant lovable dogs we focus on saving year-round,” said Nicole McLain, president of Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue, in a statement. 

For another winner, Emily Rose, she said she couldn’t believe the dog delivery was real when she first entered the contest. 

“I grew up with Saint Bernards, so right away when I won I was like ‘Yes!’” she said.