Not a game of hopscotch

Douglas County Commissioner Lora Thomas announced her candidacy for Douglas County sheriff on Dec. 10, 2021. Just like many of you, I voted for Lora Thomas. Thomas has done a fine job as county commissioner and now, one year through her second term, she is competing for a different role. Why?

This is an unsettling and unclear choice by Thomas. Those of us that voted for Thomas enthusiastically supported her specifically for the vital role of commissioner. The county needs the continuity of Thomas’ conservative, assertive, and rational stance on fiscal, economic, and health policy-related matters in Douglas County for the full remainder of her term.

Why does Thomas wish to return to a field (law enforcement) she exited two decades ago? Working for the State Patrol as a major so long ago is a far cry from having the skills and qualifications to lead in the complicated role as sheriff today. Will Thomas abandon her role as sheriff if a different opportunity sparks her interest? We believe loyalty is a two-way street that is grounded in trust. Trust is the belief that someone or something can be relied on to do what they say they will. Thomas should abandon her sheriff candidacy decision and focus her great leadership skills on Douglas County governmental matters.

Trisa Magan


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