Every so often, my girlfriend and I like to get away from everything for a couple of days. This time we chose a couple of days at The Hilton Garden Inn in Arvada. It is an excellent establishment and their rates are great.
After our stay, the Hilton sent me a receipt that detailed the bill. I was surprised how much I had to give to the City of Arvada for the “privilege” of staying at the Hilton. We gave 11% of the total bill to Arvada and it was 13% of the actual cost from the Hilton.
I understand sales taxes, but “privilege” taxes and fees are quite annoying when Arvada did nothing to enhance our stay. I would gladly pay extra to the Hilton for their excellent service, but Arvada ridiculous.
We will continue our getaways, but will have to see if other cities are more accommodating.
This is as ridiculous as paying a fee to use the Arvada Walmart. That is why we shop in Westminster.
William L. Russell,