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  • Joe Montoya shopping at A Natural Way for supplements.
  • Janelle Wise at K & M Cup selling unique one of kind pattern purses and totes.

Local businesses and economists are urging folks to support small local businesses theis holiday season or any occasion and to discover handmade unique gifts.

When buying local your money supports the communities, said Mounita Roy, instructor of Economics for Aims Community College.

“Supporting Small businesses stimulates the local economy by keeping money within the community through direct impact operational expenses, wages, rent, utilities, and raw materials as well as indirect and induced impact spending on other local business and increased household spending, essentially creating an economic multiplier effect,” Roy said.

“Tax revenues generated from small businesses can be channeled to local public spending. Small businesses also provide greater competition and variety, which benefits the consumers. Buying local is more environmentally sustainable due to reduced transportation costs.”

Buy the gift of Wellness from A Natural Way wellness center owned by Julie Devisser T.N.D. with over 35-years of experience in holistic wellness and therapeutic healing natural approaches. She also is a certified Aerobics instructor teaching kickboxing and steps fitness classes.

“We are offering buy one and get one free on all Mary Kay products. A special on the CBD products get 25% off on already reduced prices and the first 10 customers get a free T-shirt,” said Devisser.

The wellness center has lots of stocking stuffers of wellness ideas such as a variety of vitamins, essential oils, vitamins and with the oils receive a free mini 10- hour diffuser that can be used in your home or car. Besides holistic gifts, all of the jewelry is on sale buy one get one free. Not to mention, Devisser wrote a cookbook called “Fat Girl Foods on a Healthy Budget” and it can be purchased online. Coming soon they will be opening a Raw Roots Juice Bar & Café.

A Natural Way is located at 337 Denver Avenue, Fort Lupton. Visit www.natureopath.com. For information call at 303-857-4481 or email at natureopath@gmail.com.

While having a cup of coffee support local vendors creating crafty gift ideas that are set up at K & M Cup which stands for Kindly Made owned by Cody LeBlanc and Karen Cain opened in 2020. The coffee shop serves a variety of specialty coffee, teas, and fresh baked goods.

The owners have a passion for building strong community ties and are involved with community organizations to help raise funds for those in need and also support the local 4-H Tailtwisters club.

“The next two in December K & M Cup will have several vendors at the coffee shop displaying unique gift ideas, “ said Cain.

Vendor “DragonsDreamBoutique” owner Janelle Wise was at K & M Cup selling handmade purses and tote bags sewn with unique patterns that are not repeated. Also, she sews quilts and flannel pajama pants. To see her purses or request an order email at jmwapollo2005@gmail.com or call 720-385-9954.

K & M Cup is located at 721, 4th Street. Visit https://www.thekmcup.com to order online or call 303-857-1210.

For natural organic skincare products and cosmetics Bee-och organics owned by Brooke Sarmiento has the perfect gift ideas. She also studied in medical school but after having her baby girl it changed her plans. It was because of the unnatural ingredients that were in the cocoa butter she was using on her baby bump. So she did research and decided to go into the holistic products and make organic products in her lab.

“ We do all of our certified organic skin and personal care products right here house everything’s handcrafted right here in the back,” said Sarmiento.

Her products are organically made USDA organic certificated, 100% cruelty-free, and vegan. The stores sell creams, lotions, lip balm, CDB topical oils, facial serums, and candles. They also offer gift cards and create gift boxes.

Online specials for gift sets are 20% off for a limited time. Also, they sell “Bee,” themed merchandise such as earrings, neckless, birthstone rings, and tumblers. In addition, they started the refillery program to save the planet. When you come in with your branded Bee-och empty bottles and purchase pay-per-ounce shampoos, conditioners, laundry, and dish soap.

Not to mention by the ounce raw ingredients for example such beeswax, Casio soaps, and Himalayan salts. Also, create your own facial masks with different types of clays and make your essential oils.

“You can use our recipes or use your recipes. We also sell empty containers with blank labels to create your gifts.

Bee-och Organic, 721 4th Street, Suite C, Fort Lupton, CO. Visit https://bee-och.com. Call 303-857-7877 or email: info@bee-och.com

When picking a prescription while waiting you can shop for unique gifts at Dales Pharmacy and also have a cup of coffee. Huy Duong owner and Pharmacist is Fort Lupton’s only pharmacy since 1982.

The store in the pharmacy sells medical supplies, beauty products, toys, wall décor, and Christmas decorations. And attached to the pharmacy is the Hard Bean coffee shop serving ice cream and pastries. The store is offering 25% off on gift items, tree decorations, toys, and greeting cards. Not to mention they sell unique gifts for those who served in the military.

Dale Pharmacy, 105 Dales Place, Fort Lupton, CO 80621. Call 303-857-6266 or visit https://dalespharmacy.com.

“The COVID 19 pandemic has been particularly damaging to small business revenues. Aggregate small business revenue declined by 20 percent between January 2020 to August 2020, with leisure and hospitality sectors being hit the hardest (Bauer, et al. 2020), said Roy.

“Buying locally and from independently owned small businesses is crucial to reviving local economies.”