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  • The walls of colorful fabric and patterns at Pins and Needles.
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Spread the word and shop small to uncover unique gifts for every occasion and support small local businesses. When buying locally it supports the community.

“Small companies represent the majority of businesses here and throughout the entire nation. Local small businesses sustain the local economy by providing much-needed amenities, products, and services for the community,” said, Patrick Giron President & CEO of Brighton Economic Development Corporation.

The Porch & Company sells perfect gifts ideas for all occasions from wall decors, Holidays, furniture, candles, and antique finds. They also change merchandise every two weeks.

Owner Amy Kindland worked in corporate laboratory sales then decided to open the store in 2016. The store original store was in a tiny house across from the Copper Rail Restaurant then it moved to the location where they are today.

The specials are 10% off on for your first purchase as a first-time customer. They also offer custom gift wrap and personalized gift baskets that can be shipped all over the world. If we don’t have the item in the store they will shop and find it for you.

The online business was what keep us alive during COVID-19. We sold 119 Mother’s Day Baskets,” said Kindland.

The Porch & Company, 18 North Main Street, Brighton, Co. Visit: theporchshop.com. For information on items call 303-835-2318 or email: at porchshop@gmail.com and also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The creative Pins and Needles sewing and fabric store is the perfect gift for a friend or family that wants to learn how to sew. Anna Verbeek is the owner and just celebrated their third year going into their fourth year since the doors opened.

She decided to open her sewing and fabric store because she has been sewing since she was over 5-years old six years old with her grandmother that quit then her mother took over from there.

“I made my first quilt when I was 10 and I always been in the textile industry. It’s been a passion- anything crafty,” said Verbeek.

The shop does primary quilting, cross-stitch, needlepoint, felting, some specialty embroidery, and sells samples and an array of colorful fabrics and threads. They design baby quilts, create T-shirt quilts, and also alterations. They will create a custom gift basket and offer gift certificates.

Pins and Needles, 39 North Main Street, Brighton, CO.

Visit https://www.onpinsandneedles.com/ or call 720-667-4086.

Give the gift that nourishes, uplifts your mind, body, and soul. Kismet Starrz sells Natural Healing Stones the owners Alan and Starr Zweifel opened their doors four months ago.

Starr Zweifel a former nurse, said she started the business after being extremely ill and not able to find relief through Western medicine. So she found teachers that taught her the science behind the rocks but with the nursing background, it went against her nursing mind and my scientific mind.

“It was more my spirit or my soul that needed to be healed. It allowed me to let my guard down enough to experience the spiritual and soul healing part,” said Zweifel. “ Not to say that there’s not a place for Western medicine and medications because people are hurting but they need to get past it and heal to get it away from that.

The shop sells a variety of healing stones such as crystals, amethyst, rose quartz, iron pyrite, hematite, raw emerald, citrine, and Celestine. In addition, they sell an array of unique healing stone bracelets and necklaces. Not to mention they are offering special free stones when purchasing a water bottle and will have on the shelf Taspens organic all beauty and health regiment products.

Next month they will add Reiki energy healing in their suite next door teaching mediation and yoga.

Kismet Starrz, 29 North Street, Suite 104, Brighton, CO 80601. Call 720-775-7491.

Email: support@kismetsstarrz.com

For the spiritual, Shades of Divine A Faith Inspired Boutique, owned by Billie Ortega sells unique gifts with messages of faith, encouragement, and scriptures.

“Our primary thing this year is helping to put Christ back in Christmas,” said Ortega.

They have blankets with scriptures, candles, biblical oils with olive oil that comes from Jerusalem. A ministry created stocking stuffers of holy chocolate and hot chocolate in packets designed with scripture on the back and the smaller cards have a psalm card.

The store is still finalizing about seven to 10 children’s books authors that will be doing readings and book signings on December 18th.

Shades of Divine A Faith Inspired Boutique, 969 Bridge Street, Brighton, CO 80601. Call 303-952-9138. Visit www.shadesofdivine.com or email: contact@shadesofdivine.com

While shopping, support women-owned vendors at Bee & Thistle Market Shops. The marketplace has a variety of individual vendors that rent booths to display the unique crafts handmade by the ladies in the community.

Bee & Thistle Market Shops owned by Caroline Johnson a former Chef sold her restaurant and open the store in Brighton three in half years ago.

“I was a furniture refurbisher with a booth in Fort Collins. I and two other ladies who were also refurbishers got together and opened the marketplace so we can help other people too,” Johnson.

The store has hand-painted furniture, crotches blankets, and hats, wall décor, home and Christmas decorations. And also create custom-made gift baskets. Next week they will be participating in the main street 12 twelve days of Christmas theme with store specials.

Bee & Thistle Market Shops and Buzz Coffee, 43 North Main Street, Brighton, CO. Call 303-241-1211 or 303-653-5591. Email: bee.t.shops@gmail.com Follow them on Facebook at @bee.thistleshops.