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This season did not start the way the Conifer Lobos hoped it would for the boys basketball team. The team lost its first game Nov. 30 against Widefield in a close one 66-60.

“I feel like the team is really solid,” said junior Lake Fagan, who is playing in his first season of basketball.

However, the Lobos are short on players and have had to play some of the JV players in the varsity game.

“The guys played hard, but we’ve got a lot of room for growth,” said John Raff, head coach. “We’re just working on becoming a better team.”

Raff is focusing on making sure the players are prepared for all of their games as well as on growing as a team overall.

In the team’s second game on Dec. 2, the Lobos came up short again, losing 64-52.

The team’s next game is Friday, Dec. 10 against Summit. This will be a tournament game.

The JV and Level III teams did not start out that much better than the Varsity team. Due to the shortage of players, the majority of starters for the JV team were the starters for the Level III team. Both JV and Level III lost to Widefield, Level III losing 59-31 and JV 70-28.

“We weren’t playing with a lot of energy,” said sophomore Anderson Manier after the games. “Overall, there is a lot to improve on.”

The Level III team did improve in the next game Dec. 2, getting its first win of the season 57-54 against Skyview. The JV team was not as fortunate, losing 61-34. The JV team’s next game is a home game on Friday, Jan. 7th against Green Mountain.