Former district attorney George Brauchler talks about justice in very odd ways in his Denver Post column headlined “Will the Rittenhouse circus come to Colorado demanding `justice’ for McClain?”

Brauchler claims, with the fire-and-brimstone fervor of old-time preachers, that the “Rittenhouse circus” will be coming to Denver to wreak havoc and destruction during the Elijah McClain trial. In his years as a prosecutor has George not noticed one iota of racial injustice in the courtroom/justice system? Apparently not. But many others have. They’ve lived it for far too long. That is why they, and their allies such as the three shot by Kyle Rittenhouse, take to the streets. To give voice to their frustration of justice denied in the courtroom.

Fearmongering has long been used by those wishing to turn humans into illogical ruthless weapons. Employing the fear of “others” is a strong tool that blurs one’s logic and changes one’s behavior. Why does George use this tactic in his column? Does he want vigilantes to come out during the McClain trial to prove his prediction of dire civil unrest?

There were plenty of informed voices within the justice system saying that a long second look at the circumstances around Elijah McClain”s death was warranted. And the grand jury agreed. But George will take exception to anything and everything Governor Polis and Attorney General Weiser do. After all, they live in Mr. Brauchler’s head rent-free.

Lynne Popkowski