An open letter to Douglas County School Board President David Ray:

I read with interest your praise of the outgoing school district board members. I concur that they deserve thanks for the volunteer hours that they spent on behalf of the school district.

I did find it ironic that one of the issues you praised them for was for their role in approving the school district “equity policy.” The approval of that equity policy, that you felt deserved praise, may very well be what earned them a defeat in the November election.

I no longer have kids in the DCSD. When that policy was approved I felt it necessary to do everything I could to work to replace candidates who voted for the equity policy. I can’t help but think I was not alone, especially anyone who watched the training given by the Gemini group.

You, and two other board members remain, felt the equity policy was beneficial to the district. I feel given the results of November, consideration may be given to backing away from the equity policy.

I do look forward to working just as hard next year to assure no board member exists who voted for, and still supports, the equity policy.

John Salanitro

Highlands Ranch