Fort Lupton City Council gave its OK for a final plat and planned development plan for the Murata Farms development near state highway 52 and College Avenue, just south of Coyote Creek Golf Course. 

Jehome for Coronado West and owner M-J Perri Co. wanted to build 180, single-family detached residential lots on a bit less than 73 acres of land. At present, the land is vacant with some oil-and-gas facilities. 

Staff notes said two well sites are on the property. One of those wells has been plugged, and developers plan to build a pocket park on that site. 

Access is off South College Avenue (Weld County Road 29 ½) from SH 52. The developer also plans to build out South Gerry Avenue (Weld County Road 29) so it can connect with a road under construction through

Mountain Sky Subdivision. It’s also going to tie in with Coyote Creek Drive to the north and to Silverado Lane in Appel Farms. 

The applicant’s representative, Eric Eckberg, told council sidewalks will be available where off-street trails are not. Connector trails will be placed along SH 52 and South College Avenue to connect to the Fulton Ditch Trail and the Fort Lupton Trail west of the neighborhood. 

There was no public comment or council discussion. Council’s vote was unanimous. 

Four other developments of both commercial and residential units are on the drawing board. Council approved the annexation in 2002. 

Field of Honor 

Mayor Zo Stieber praised the Field of Honor program, the city’s celebration of military heroes and first responders, which took place at Pearson Park the week of Veterans Day. 

“We had people in Pearson park. They were wandering among the flags,” she said. “We had 430 people at the ceremony. It was well-received. We had truckers driving by, honking their horns, waving. It was an extremely moving experience. 

“I hope we continue doing this for many years.”