Elk Creek Fire currently responds to all injury accidents in its 15,000-resident protection district. Full Send Bike Ranch, if it is built, will weaken ECF’s capability in three ways:
1. By serving alcoholic beverages on site. The number of intoxicated drivers must increase on Shadow Mountain Drive, as well as along every route within ECFPD’s boundaries. Intoxicated or not, 350 to 700+ park patrons will increase the number of accidents at the difficult intersections on CR-73/Shadow Mountain Drive, CR-73/Barkley Road, Barkley Road exit from US-285 (in front of West Jeff Elementary School) and Shadow Mountain Dr./South Warhawk Road.
2. By expecting to tap ECF EMS whenever its own first aid resources are inadequate to injuries within the park, possibly depriving residents of life-saving EMS response and taking one of ECF’s units out of district for up to six hours.
3. By increasing financial burden on EDFPD who, in 2020 experienced defaults of nearly 18% against allowed requests for payments on services rendered. ECF depends heavily on mill levies for its support, which residents have, over numerous election cycles, approved and paid. FSBR will not be charged mill levies (just seeking to lease the land) and thus will access emergency services for which they bear no fiscal responsibility.
In summary: Two individuals from Denver will augment their own incomes with Conifer Area residents’ mill levies while detracting from ECF’s ability to respond to emergencies in its own District.
Sound good? FSBR thinks so. Visit StopFullSendBikeRanch.com to petition against FSBR.
G. Scott O’Connell,