Keep Parker election nonpartisan

The Parker Town Council is a nonpartisan position, and therefore no R or D will appear next to the candidates’ names on the ballot in the upcoming special election. However, Kory Nelson is doing his best to change that with his 3/26/21 letter to the editor endorsing two candidates because they are Republicans.

I urge Parker voters to reject Mr. Nelson’s goal of turning the town council into a partisan organization and to vote for candidates not because of their party affiliation but because of their experience, vision, and commitment to serve all Parker residents.

Most of the candidates understand they are running for a nonpartisan position and choose to spotlight issues, not party, on their official websites. Only one of the seven candidates leads with their party affiliation.

According to Mr. Nelson, last fall’s election kept “our government offices in the hands of Republicans.” Jeff Toborg was elected mayor in November and in January was interviewed by Kyle Clark on 9News about his social media posts promoting QAnon propaganda and other misinformation. This media coverage did not project a unifying direction for our town. Nonetheless, Mr. Nelson believes voters must “complete the task they started last November” and elect “two more invested Republicans.”

Perhaps the fact that a plurality of Douglas County voters register unaffiliated is a symptom of partisan politics. Keep divisive partisanship out of Parker by voting for the person, not the party, in the town council special election.

Carrie Denman