How does social media affect you positively or negatively when searching for a job?

Charley Maranville, a freshman at Simla High School, has put a lot of thought into that question, and will be presenting her findings to a panel of judges at the Colorado Future Business Leaders of America’s state competition April 17 and 18.

Maranville is one of nine students from the Big Sandy Schools 100J district to qualify for the FBLA state competition, after competing against nearly 3,000 students on the district level.

“These students have worked hard, and have an incredible amount of discipline and work ethic,” said Tim Tucker, advisor for FBLA at Simla High.

Students compete in dozens of categories, including physical presentations and test taking. Simla is a 2A school, but competes with districts that are much larger on the district and state level. Due to COVID restrictions, the state competition was held virtually last year, and will be again this year.

Although Simla students compete against others from larger schools, and from metro areas with more resources available, Tucker said he believes the rural lifestyle his students grow up in gives them an advantage in competition.

“I think for the most part the rural lifestyle helps them,” said Tucker. “They don’t have the opportunities or the availability of some resources, but kids from here seem to have an understanding of responsibility and work ethic. There are various characteristics that these kids have grown up with in this area that have been useful for them, like being disciplined, gritting their teeth and getting down and taking the time to study for the various tests.”

Since students will not be competing in person, those categories that involve a personal presentation that will be videotaped and submitted for judges to view and judge virtually.

* Aden Townley will be competing in computer problem solving.

* Michael Champ and Bethany Rasco will be competing in digital video production.

* Dillon Easler nd Cason Shults will compete in entrepreneurship.

* Ryleigh Tunick will be competing in impromptu speaking and intro to parliamentary procedure.

* Charley Maranville will compete in intro to business presentation and intro to parliamentary procedure.

* J.T. Swennes will be competing in securities and investments.

* Zaida Harms will be competing in job interview.

Winners of the state competition will advance to the national competition in June.