If the Douglas County School District (DCSD) Board is looking for exemplars on how to competently reopen schools, they need not look further than the resilient charter schools across this district.

As our school board members continue to participate in politics of fear and navigate the never-ending ether of remote-or-hybrid learning, many charters in our district have achieved success through valuing input from parents and the education of their students — and as a result, providing in-person learning with a remote option.

I was unaware that allowing parental choice would be such a novel idea. One would think that a board that clinched their power on the promise of valuing parent input would favor such a model that values the voices of parents as stakeholders in their children’s education.

Further — in examples such as American Academy — there have been fewer and fewer students in remote learning with more and more receiving the benefits of in-person learning. All of this without having their three campuses become epicenters of any widespread of COVID-19 cases.

Charter schools in Douglas County are leading the way, acting as the gold standard for a brighter academic and social future for our children. They value the input of parents and act based on data, science, and the best intentions for their teachers and students. We need a school board that will respect us similarly.

Amanda Pierluissi