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Denver’s Department of Transportation & Infrastructure (DOTI) continues to engage with the community for its Denver Moves: Bicycles Program. The idea is to achieve a “network of better bike facilities in Denver that make it more comfortable, safe and accessible for people to ride bikes,” states the website.

Three areas — being called Community Transportation Networks (CTN) – will be the focus through 2024. They are:

• Northwest Denver CTN: Regis, Berkeley, Sunnyside, West Highland, Sloan Lake and Jefferson Park.

• Central Denver CTN: Five Points, Cole, Clayton, Whittier, City Park West and City Park.

• South Central Denver CTN: Baker, La Alma, Lincoln Park, Capitol Hill, Alamo Placita, Country Club, City Park West, Cheeseman Park, Golden Triangle, West Washington Park, Overland, Platt Park and Rosedale.

This article focuses on the projects in the South Central Denver CTN that are in the Life on Capitol Hill’s coverage area.

The city has divided the projects into three phases:

• Planning — the community is asked to provide feedback on the project. The city has surveys for some of the projects, which can be accessed online at www.ctnvirtualopenhouse.com.

• Design — the project team advances the conceptual design’s ideas and concepts into detailed engineering.

• Construction — the project design is complete and construction of the project will soon begin.

A virtual open house on the South Central Denver CTN took place on Feb. 4, and another is slated for Spring 2021. Here are where the projects will be taking place, and what phase each is in.


Alamo Placita

  • East Second Avenue/North Clarkson Street from North Pearl Street to East Third Avenue.

Baker/La Alma/Lincoln Park

  • South Cherokee Street from North Bannock Street to West Alameda Avenue.

  • East Second Avenue/West Second Avenue from North Galapago Street to North Pearl Strteet.

  • North Shoshone Street/Fifth Avenue from Curtis Street to West 13th Avenue.

Capitol Hill

  • North Sherman Street from East 14th Avenue to East Sixth Avenue.

  • East Seventh Avenue from North Broadway to North Williams Street.

  • North Emerson Street/North Pearl Street from East Third Avenue to East 20th Avenue.

  • North Franklin Street from East 21st Avenue to Cheesman Park.

  • North Sherman Street/East 20th Avenue from East Colfax Avenue to North Grant Street.

Country Club

  • East Third Avenue from North Clarkson to North Gilpin Street.

Golden Triangle

  • North Delaware Street/West Fifth Avenue from North Bannock Street to West Eighth Avenue.


Baker/La Alma/Lincoln Park

  • East Bayaud Avenue from South Lincoln Street to South Downing Street.

  • North Galapago Street from West 13th Avenue to West Third Avenue.

Capitol Hill

  • East 16th Avenue from North Broadway to Park Avenue

Golden Triangle (Civic Center)

  • East 14th Avenue from North Broadway to North Grant Street.

  • East 13th Avenue from North Grant Street to North Lincoln Street.


Baker/La Alma/Lincoln Park

  • North Galapago Street from West Colfax Avenue to North Speer Boulevard.

  • Third Avenue from Osage Street to Kalamath Street.

Lincoln Park/Golden Triangle/Civic Center

  • 13th and 14th avenues from the Platte River Trail to Grant Street.

To learn more about any of the projects, visit the Community Transportation Networks page here. Specific questions can also be answered by sending an email to DenverMoves@denvergov.org. It is requested that the CTN be included in the subject line. If a phone call is preferred, the number for the city’s CTN Hotline is 303-223-6575. Leave your name, question and the best way to reach you.