Vaccine process lagging

Comparing the current rate of COVID-19 vaccinations to that of the flu vaccinations in late 2020 I find that it is not even 50% higher. I had expected it to be two or three times higher. So, for all of the bureaucracy and politicization the COVID-19 immunization process is only slightly better than the simple, no schedule, walk up process for flu shots we’ve had in the past. If this is such an emergency why aren’t immunization sites open 24 hours x 7 days a week? If Governor Polis has the right to shut down businesses why can’t he also order immunization and testing sites to stay open all the time? For all of the fanfare around COVID-19 vaccinations by the state, this can hardly be considered a success. Kaiser tells me I am over 70 days out in line at the current rate, and they aren’t open on Sundays. Obviously, this needs to be improved. Another Polis photo op isn’t helpful, but some honesty would be.

William A. Henning

Highlands Ranch