Castle Rock Town Council approved the 2021 Conservation Rebate Incentive Program at its Feb. 2 meeting. The program encourages residents and commercial property owners to be water-conscious, according to a town news release.

According to the release, the program “rewards customers who transition from high-water-use landscaping and inefficient irrigation to other water-smart alternatives. It’s funded primarily by surcharges collected for watering schedule violations and water bill rates paid for excessive use. Funds are limited, and rebates are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.”

The rebate program includes:

• ColoradoScape renovations – $1.10 per square foot of high-water-use plant material removed (minimum of 250 square foot, $1,500 maximum for residential; minimum of 1,500 square feet, $15,000 maximum for non-residential).

• Smart irrigation controller retrofit – 50% of the controller cost up to $300 for residential ($1,500 maximum for non-residential customers).

• Rotary nozzle retrofit – Up to $5 per nozzle ($2,000 maximum for non-residential customers).

• Toilet retrofit – Up to $100 per toilet ($400 maximum or four toilets for residential and non-residential).

• Whole-home water monitoring system – 50% of the system cost ($200 maximum for residential and non-residential).

Applications are available at

Town council also has adopted the 2021 Water Use Management Plan, a demand-management tool that identifies regulations, watering schedules to stagger demand, surcharges and enforcement.

“Castle Rock Water uses watering schedules to help customers efficiently use water outdoors during the warmer months,” the news release states.

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