No one deserves to be doxxed

The recent article about the state employee who was “doxxed” was heartbreaking, horrifying, appalling…you name it. That she and her family have to live in terror because a citizen is outraged over COVID-19 public policies is deeply disturbing to those of us who believe in the rule of law. Publishing government employees’ personal information on social media is malicious intimidation, pure and simple.

During my 15 years on Littleton City Council, I heard from many upset citizens who were as deeply upset about their issues as many people are now upset about COVID-19 restrictions. The level of intimidation the doxxed employee faced is something new and disturbing in our public discourse.

Whether you work for a state health department or an election office, you are doing work that reflects the policies of our elected officials in a state Legislature or board of county commissioners. Those elected officials, even members of the U.S. Congress, are there to hear your heartfelt angry opinions. But neither they or their staffs deserve to be intimidated or live in fear for their lives or those of their family members.

Patricia Cronenberger