BOCC grandstanding again

The Douglas BOCC is currently pursuing leaving TCHD, again. There was passionate community response against this last summer. A DougCo health department would still be required to follow CDPHE mandates, so what’s the point in leaving? This is simply political grandstanding against perceived government overreach, aka “We don’t like Governor Jared Polis telling us what to do.” Post-COVID this is a non-issue, and people would go back to being oblivious to TCHD’s daily business.

The price tag alone makes this a non-starter, not to mention the disruption to critical health services for the community during transition. With our new federal administration now in place, COVID response and vaccination will be vastly accelerated. Let’s put this matter to rest once and for all. I urge you to contact the BOCC once again and express your views.

Chris Demarest

Castle Rock