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The Douglas County School District has announced the names of 56 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists. These academically talented students advance in the competition, which awards 7,600 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $30 million.

Three types of National Merit Scholarships will be awarded in the spring and summer of 2021:

• 2,500 National Merit Scholarships

• 1,000 Corporate-Sponsored Merit Scholarships

• 4,100 College-Sponsored Merit Scholarships

Finalists will be announced in February, with National Merit Scholarship winners announced in the months to follow.

Here are the semifinalists from DCSD:

Shriya Amara, Rock Canyon High

Arjun Avinash, Rock Canyon High

Rory Bartlett, Rock Canyon High

Gretchen Becker, Highlands Ranch High

Shama Bhargav, ThunderRidge High

Kyra Bowden, ThunderRidge High

Colton Brown, Rock Canyon High

Elizabeth Brunn, ThunderRidge High

Andrew Carter, Legend High

Kevin Chen, Rock Canyon High

Samantha Choe, ThunderRidge High

Josephine Defnet, Castle View High

Erik Eisenrich, Ponderosa High

David Gao, Rock Canyon High

Olivia Gibson, Rock Canyon High

Amanda Gin, Rock Canyon High

Chloe Hansen, Legend High

Ethan Hedrick, Highlands Ranch High

Rebekah Helton, Rock Canyon High

Nicholas Henley, Rock Canyon High

Lindsey Heyd, ThunderRidge High

Nathan Hoffmann, ThunderRidge High

Tanner Holmes, ThunderRidge High

Ella Iveslatt, Mountain Vista High

Alec Jang, ThunderRidge High

Kaushik Kaja, Rock Canyon High

Emma Knezevic, Highlands Ranch High

Riley Koldyke, Rock Canyon High

Garrett Lail, Rock Canyon High

Tanner Leonard, Rock Canyon High

Audrey Lyp, Mountain Vista High

William McCall, STEM School

Zoe Meredith, Rock Canyon High

Luke D Miga, Highlands Ranch High

Kyle Mullins, Mountain Vista High

Sydney Naibauer, Rock Canyon High

Igor Overchuck, Rock Canyon High

Joseph Parsons, STEM School

Sarah Paschke, Highlands Ranch High

Narendhar Prasad, Rock Canyon High

Matthew Procter, Rock Canyon High

Julia Reigrut, Highlands Ranch High

Anna Reimers, Rock Canyon High

Derek Robinson, Mountain Vista High

Arianna Sanchez, Rock Canyon High

Prachi Shah, SkyView Academy

Justin Sheu, Rock Canyon High

Emma Slack, STEM School

Wyatt Stelzig, Ponderosa High

Sriya Surapaneni, Rock Canyon High

Benjamin Trillet, Chaparral High

Sindhu Veeranki, Legend High

Makena Vetter, Rock Canyon High

Chloe Voss, Rock Canyon High

Olivia Wilson, Rock Canyon High

Harrison Witt, Mountain Vista High