• Albrecht

Sam Albrecht signed on as the top administrator for Elbert County in September 2017. His efforts in various areas of managing the county have earned him the Rising Star Award from the Association of Colorado County Administrators. Albrecht was recognized by the county commissioners for his accomplishment at their Jan. 27 meeting.

“I am proud to present the Rising Star Award to Sam Albrecht, Elbert County manager,” said Commissioner Chris Richardson. “Sam is well deserving of the award and all of the recognition that comes with it. Congratulations Sam!”

Albrecht began his service with Elbert County with a limited amount of finance staff, but was able to prepare an annual budget and implement a five-year financial plan while building fund balances to provide four months of operating expenses. He prepared the county’s first strategic plan and revised the county’s comprehensive plan. He has also focused on improving communication with citizens.

“Upon being named as the county manager he jumped in with both feet his first year,” said Sunny Bryant, president of the ACCA. “He has increased communication with citizens, which has positively impacted the citizens during COVID-19. One of his favorite saying is `culture eats strategy for breakfast.’”

Albrecht, a former officer in the Air Force, has been active with the Colorado Veterans Leading Local Government Committee, a group that advocates for and provides professional development to veterans seeking leadership roles in local government.

“Elbert County is the beneficiary of smart, talented staff, of which Sam, who is a hard worker, is the leader,” said Commissioner Grant Thayer.

The ACCA is a nonprofit organization that support county administrators through information, resources and ideas that create more effective county management, and encourages the continued development of higher ethical and professional standards in the administration of county government.