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More than 400 frontline workers and first responders more than 6,400 residents have received the phase 1A vaccination by the Weld County Department of Health and Environment, according to the department

That represents 2% of the population in the first vaccination phase across Colorado, according to the press release by department of health on January 8.

In December, a survey was developed by department of health and Weld County’s Office of Emergency Management. The survey was released through the Health Alert Network and the county’s ReadyOp system to the local medical society, dental society, law enforcement, fire departments, and EMS.

“The survey is not an accept or decline survey but more to make sure the health care workers and first responders agencies can get the vaccine for their employees who want it,” said Jennifer Finch, Weld County Communications Director.

The Weld County agencies responded to the survey and over 226 individuals scheduled location and time to receive the vaccines, according to the Weld County department of health.

Weld County received controlled amounts of doses as the vaccine is being nationally distributed. Due to the doses being controlled the health care officials are working in coordination to make sure eligible individuals are reached for schedule vaccinates.

WCDPHE, Banner Health, UCHealth, Salud Clinics, Sunrise Health, and Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth (SCL) continue to have meetings to efficiently plan the vaccine distribution.

Through the winter months phase, 1A vaccines will continue to be administered, and as additional doses are delivered WCDPHE will continue to distribute to the frontline workers and hospitals. For the 70+, hospitals and health officials will work with this population.

The groups below are eligible to received and register for the COVID-19 vaccine, according to WCDPHE:

Phase 1A: Highest-risk health care workers and individuals. These are people who have direct contact with COVID-19 patients; long-term care facility staff and residents.

Phase 1B: Moderate-risk individuals and 70+ population. These are COVID-19 response personnel; police and firefighters; correctional facility workers; emergency medical service personnel; funeral services workers; health care workers; long-term care facility staff; long-term care residents.