Brighton City Attorney Jack Bajorek resigned from his position on Jan. 12.

The council accepted Bajorek’s resignation letter with a unanimous vote at a special meeting. There was no additional discussion among councilors about the conditions upon which Bajorek resigned.

It’s also unclear whether Bajorek’s departure was more on his accord or the council’s. Last week, councilors unanimously voted to suspend him. Council reached consensus on suspending Bajorek last week and accepting his resignation this week in executive sessions. Council can do that because it’s a personnel matter.  

Very little is known about the sudden rift between council and the city attorney, who is one of few city staff that report directly to council. In July, council unanimously voted to renew Bajorek’s contract after he underwent an annual performance evaluation.

Last week, council appointed Lena McClelland to serve as acting city attorney.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.