Fort Lupton City Council unanimously a plat for the Lupton Village housing development during a virtual meeting Jan. 5. 

The location is near the Safeway store on Dexter Street and north of Weld County Road 12. Developers plan a combination of mixed commercial and residential uses.

A companion unanimous vote changed zoning in the area from heavy commercial to planned unit development. The area includes 14 acres of open space and room for 98 lots. Olsson Engineering President Ryan Beckman said 56 percent of those lots backed up to or were adjacent to open space and concrete trails. 

“There will be direct access to Lupton Community Center Park,” Beckman told council. “People can do most of their shopping without having to get out of the car.” 

Development for single-family units can start right away. 

“All new commercial development must go through a site plan process. Single-family residential development does not require a site plan,” Fort Lupton planner Maria Lancto said.  “As of now (late Jan. 6), there has been no commercial development proposals submitted to the city for review within the Lupton Village Subdivision.”

RV Park

That wasn’t the only development piece of business. Council also approved a petition for annexation of land for a hoped-for RV park in the 3600 of WCR 19. 

Applicant Sheryl Been wants to use 10 acres of land for the park. Her application said hours of operation will be from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. She’d like to put more than 160 RVs on site “when connection to the future city sewer line is available,” according to her application. 

“The number of overnight or long-term RV vehicles will be based on the sewer system capacity,” the application reads. “ 

Council set a hearing date for Tuesday, Feb. 16. 

Feral Cats

There was some financial business, too. The Fort Lupton Police Department and Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals agreed to participate in a feral cat fertility mitigation project next month. The department offered up 25 percent of as much as a $4,000 invoice. 

Staff documents say the agreement allocates $40 per collected cat. The foundation “routinely ends” up to 100 cats per event to veterinarian support, according to staff documents. That could lead to a $4,000 bill. 

“The police department will be seeking funding assistance,” staff notes said. “The police department will also be seeking assistance in locating ‘catch’ locations to ensure the best catch results.” 

Council took no action.