I have not read commentary by church leaders, nor their members, about the thirteen executions that have been approved, including the final three, now two, killings, by the Trump administration before Jan. 20. Only three people were executed by the federal government between 1970-2020.    

Where is the moral outrage of the Right to Life and the Pro-Life groups, in the government and the general population, about any federal orstate executions! Recent appointments to the Supreme Court were “Pro-Life.” However, now, when 13 persons are killed by the current federal officials, nothing is said. Research shows that the #1 reason Catholics and Evangelicals voted for Donald Trump in 2016 was because he was “prolife” and “against abortion,” even though he paid for ads to kill five innocent persons in 1989. President Trump came to the March for Life rally in Washington, DC, Jan. 2020 – because their vote was important, not their prolife issue.

Persons who commit crimes are human beings! They were born with a right to life! Their crimes were committed in anger, rage, fear, theft, resentment, survival. They each have mental health problems, due to childhood or adulthood abuse or lack of opportunity because of home, education, society deprivations and/or neglect.  And, yes, racial bias!  Society has to manage crime for citizen safety. How we do this speaks volumes of how honestly we live the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. These persons have stories, just like you and I. Shame on us.  

Janet Johnson,