State lawmakers from both major parties spoke out against the violence in Washington, D.C., the afternoon of Jan. 6.

Chris Holbert, a Republican from Parker and the Senate minority leader, gave the following statement in an email:

“As we prepare for the 2021 Colorado general session, I am grateful for the reports from the Colorado State Patrol that, thus far, protests at our state Capitol today have been peaceful.

“Watching from afar, it saddens me to see our great nation so divided as violence has erupted in Washington D.C. While I honor the people’s right to peacefully protest, I strongly condemn such violence and the siege upon our nation’s Capitol.

“I anxiously await confirmation that all nine members of the Colorado delegation to Congress, Republicans and Democrats, are safe.

“Let us all renew our allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and to the Colorado constitution and work together in the interests of the People of Colorado.”

Democratic leaders in the state Legislature — Senate President Leroy Garcia, House Speaker-designate Alec Garnett, Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg and House Majority Leader Daneya Esgar — issued a joint statement in an email:

“American democracy is under attack. Nothing short of a siege is raining down on Congress, incited by a president who has refused to give up power after a free and fair election and enabled by those willing to turn a blind eye as our foundational principles are trampled. Our democracy is precious and requires constant vigilance and protection. Today was a harrowing reminder that it can crumble without the efforts of everyday Americans working to keep it strong.

“Now is the time for every patriotic leader in our nation, regardless of party, to call for peace and an immediate halt to this violent attack. Our country has a rich history of bipartisan cooperation and common sense. We must work together to ensure that these values prevail again and encourage the public to remain peaceful and solemn in the face of those who wish to divide us.”