Individuals 70 and older whose primary residence is in Clear Creek County are now eligible to register for COVID-19 vaccines electronically or by phone.

Those who own second homes in Clear Creek are asked to contact the county they primarily live in for vaccine information.

To register online, visit If residents cannot complete the form online, they may call the county’s COVID Health Line at 303-670-7528 for assistance in registering.

Clear Creek officials emphasize that completing the form doesn’t mean residents are scheduled for an appointment, but simply will be contacted about scheduling one when Clear Creek has received enough vaccine supplies to do so. Scheduling could begin as early as Monday.

County staff emphasized that residents should not show up to the vaccination clinic site asking to receive one, as it needs to be properly scheduled.

According to Suzanne Boccia, director of the county’s Office of Emergency Management, the number of vaccines Clear Creek is receiving each week has been fluctuating and the county only has a few days’ notice on how many it will receive that week. Thus, planning weekly vaccination clinics is difficult.

Additionally, the county has to take second doses into account, Boccia said, noting that Clear Creek’s initial recipients had their first injection on Dec. 23 and will need to receive their second one soon.

“It’s going to take Clear Creek County quite a while to vaccinate everyone,” she said during the Jan. 5 COVID-19 update. “We can vaccinate everyone who wants one, but maybe not immediately.”

While there are other vaccines in development that could speed up the process eventually, Boccia explained that her office and the public health department will continue to figure out logistics as the situation continues to evolve, and that she appreciated everyone’s patience throughout the process.

Even once residents have been fully vaccinated, Boccia said they should continue to wear masks, social distance, and reduce the number and frequency of social gatherings.