No word yet about when Littleton’s Depot Art Gallery will be able to open again for art lovers, but be assured that member-artists are still creating paintings, drawings, pottery, jewelry, prints and three-dimensional art. And many of them will have built up a substantial inventory when the Depot lights can go on again! Good luck for art lovers.

Among Littleton Fine Arts Guild’s active members, a board member in fact, is multi-media artist Carol Broere, whose glowing clay platter, called “Pasta,” is created with clay and glazed and fired in a Raku technique. This historic technique involves including organic matter in a kiln when the piece is fired and results in always wonderful, sometimes surprising, often metallic results. Each piece is an individual treasure, never to be exactly repeated.

The platter would also, of course, be a great decorative addition to many rooms as it gives off its distinctive glow.

When the gallery is open with members’ artworks, Broere’s ceramic pieces are to be found on tables and shelves, as is her jewelry. “Everything is an inspiration to me. I am always looking for new challenges in my art …”

Paintings may also be on the walls. (I’m thinking it must be fun to wake up in the mornings and decide on the day’s projects when you wear Broere’s shoes!)

“I’ve always found interesting ideas to make with other people’s throw-away items,” she says of her assemblage art, which combines bits and pieces into a complete new works.

But, “I mostly make functional pottery and large decorative pieces,” she said.

She paints with acrylics as well as watercolors. And with pastels. She uses ink, metallic inks, and combinations in her multimedia creations …

And at times, she will find a piece of handmade lace as she looks for materials. It could end up in a necklace!

Littleton Fine Arts Guild member Peggy Dietz, a photographer and longtime artist is working on a March exhibit, which will be online or in place, depending…

In the meantime, see virtual exhibits from the Depot, from Arapahoe Community College, from Heritage Fine Arts Guild — and hopefully enjoy visual and performing arts in person before too many months go by!

Happy New Year!