Dumbing down the youths

I pay an enormous amount of taxes each year to DCSD to educate our youths. Now the district alters the grading system by lowering the standards of the grading system. In my opinion we should be raising our standards, not lowering the standards for the grading system.

According to the new grading system a student could fail to learn 48% of a subject and still receive a passing grade. I find that not acceptable. Students need to be back in the classroom being educated by our professional educators. I see the youths daily in our grocery stores, skate parks and shopping centers rather than in our schools. Seems there is more exposure to the virus being congested in public places rather than in school, with social distancing in place. DCSD took notice that students’ grades have fallen; DCSD’s solution was to lower the standards, with the explanation that this will help our youths qualify for scholarships and admittance into universities and colleges. What happens when they enter college, being unable to compete with other students who did not have lowered grading standards? What happens when a student cannot maintain the required grade average to remain in school or maintain their scholarship? These are the consequences our youths could be challenged with due to a lack of quality education.

I urge DCSD to find a healthy and safe way to get our youths back in the classroom for a proper education.

Randy A. Reed

Former mayor of Castle Rock