Vote Democratic in Douglas

Signs of growth and change in Douglas County are everywhere. Equally clear is that this evolution is our future.

To effectively navigate these changes and plan for that future, our leadership must also evolve. Our current Board of County Commissioners has not demonstrated an aptitude for vision-driven leadership and citizen-based decision making.

A salient example of these failures is their reaction to the mask mandate. Disregarding science in favor of politics, blatantly ignoring constituent health and input, they exempted Douglas County from our own health department’s recommendation. As an active, concerned resident, along with my neighbors, I immediately communicated my disagreement with their policy and backed my assertions with supported research. What was the reaction of the commissioners to our input? Dead silence.

Then, the same commissioners decided that the best course of action to show their disagreement was to consider terminating our relationship with the health department. In the middle of an economic recession. While in the throes of a global pandemic.

Douglas County — we can do better. Please join me in voting for commissioner candidates who are problem solvers. Consensus builders. Listeners. Candidates who will use science, logic, and citizen input to intelligently bring Douglas County safely into the future. This year, the only candidates who meet these criteria are Democrats. By Nov. 3, please vote Democrat.

Laura Reeves

Highlands Ranch