Since the start to the school year, several outbreaks have unfolded within Douglas County schools — public, private and charter.

Six of the schools are operated by the Douglas County School District.  A spokesman provided a statement regarding outbreaks in district schools, saying “the safety of our students and staff is our number one priority in the Douglas County School District, especially during these challenging times.”

“Any time there is a confirmed COVID exposure in one of our schools we follow the quarantine, isolation and outbreak protocols as outlined on our website,” the statement said.

According to the district’s outbreak protocols posted on its website, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment or the Tri-County Health Department will notify the district of a confirmed outbreak.

If the district learns of a case before being contacted by health agencies, school personnel notify the building’s school nurse consultant, and nursing or health staff contact Tri-County Health.

Areas where people with confirmed cases spent time are disinfected and are also quarantined for 48 hours. An outbreak may require an entire cohort, classroom or school to close.

Outbreaks are declared if one or more of the following criteria are met:

• Two or more confirmed cases in a classroom or cohort among people from separate households, with onset within 14 days.

• For schools without cohorts, two or more confirmed COVID-19 cases from separate households with onset within 14 days in the same school.

• 5% or more unrelated people diagnosed with COVID-19 within a 14-day period, with a minimum of 10 unrelated students and staff.

Here are the schools that have experienced an outbreak since the start to the school year, according to a weekly update provided by the state health department.

Active outbreaks as of Oct. 28

• Castle View High School, determined an outbreak Oct. 1, three staff members positive, five attendees positive, one attendee with probable COVID-19

• eDCSD: Colorado Cyber School, determined an outbreak Oct. 1, two staff members positive

• Ponderosa High School, determined an outbreak Oct. 1, one staff member positive, one attendee positive, one attendee with probable COVID-19

• ThunderRidge High School, determined an outbreak Oct. 8, two attendees positive

• Chaparral High School, determined an outbreak Sept. 23, five attendees positive

• American Academy Preschool, determined an outbreak Oct. 20, three staff members positive

• SkyView Academy, determined an outbreak Sept. 22, six staff members positive, four attendees positive

• Mile High Academy, private school, determined an outbreak Oct. 26, two attendees positive

Resolved outbreaks as of Oct. 28

• Parker Core Knowledge Charter School, outbreak ended Oct. 13

• Sand Creek Elementary School, outbreak ended Oct. 1

Charter schools listed above — American Academy, SkyView Academy, Parker Core Knowledge Charter School — are not operated by the district and set their own protocols for managing COVID-19.