Last week was not a pretty one for Jeffco Public Schools in terms of COVID-19 exposure. In fact, it was a no good, very bad kind of a week — the worst in terms of case numbers that the state’s second largest school district has had since it began tracking school community COVID-19 numbers on Aug. 31.

The district reports 31 new cases were identified on Monday, and 23 on Tuesday. In total, more than 100 new cases were identified in the district last week — the district’s worst week by far. Sunday, the district confirmed 17 additional cases.

As of Oct. 24, 94 of the district’s 155 schools have now reported at least one case involving a staff member or student — thought he district says those counts include students that may have opted for remote-only learning and never stepped foot in those schools this school year.

According to the district dashboard, the worst-hit schools include Alameda International Jr./Sr. High School with 11 active cases, and Dakota Ridge High with 10 active cases.

“In general, we are continuing ahead with the model we currently have in place and do not intend to move to all-remote unless public health orders it,” said Jeffco Public School’s Executive Director of Media Relations Cameron Bell via email last week.

Bell said the district was considering phasing in limits or cancellations of athletic and extracurricular activities, but that no decisions had yet been made.