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  • Election judges, seated in bipartisan teams, open envelopes containing ballots.
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Ballots are rolling into the Arapahoe County elections warehouse at an unprecedented rate, and county elections director Peg Perl said she’s thrilled.

“We’re really excited by this historic early turnout,” Perl said.

Perl said elections staff had already fully processed nearly 100,000 ballots by Oct. 23, a big jump over the same point in 2016.

Ballot counts come in highs and lows, she said, with the first few days of voting seeing a big surge followed by a lull. The “final big peak” will be in the days culminating in Election Day on Nov. 3, Perl said.

Perl said she’s been extremely busy, but was grateful for the hundreds of election judges helping run everything from picking up ballots from drop boxes to opening envelopes to those running the voter hotline.

“This is the big show we plan for all year, and I’m glad it’s finally here,” she said. “All that planning is paying off.”

For more information about voting in Arapahoe County, visit ArapahoeVotes.com or call 303-795-4511.