Keep GOP in charge of county

Why would we want to change the party leadership of one of the best counties in the country? That’s a key question we should ask ourselves this election.

Douglas County is consistently recognized as having one of the best quality-of-life environments in the country. For example, we were recently ranked the second healthiest community in the nation and the healthiest county in Colorado (for the fifth straight year) by U.S. News! Their rankings were based on ten comprehensive factors including infrastructure, economic performance, and public safety. We know Douglas County is great—that’s why we choose to live here! And it’s great largely because it’s community-driven and Republican-led.

For many decades, we’ve elected Republican leadership for Douglas County and those principles are at the heart of our community — such as low taxes, a welcoming business climate, freedom of choice, and respect for our police. Leadership that serves the people, not the other way around. Those principles help create the quality of life that we love here.

Democrats, not satisfied with controlling our state government and many surrounding counties, are pouring huge sums of money into the Douglas County races to change these guiding principles. As they’ve done in Denver and elsewhere, they’d bring more intrusive government, less choice, and higher taxes–a lower quality of life to our county. Do we want that?

In these uncertain times, let’s preserve and continue improving what makes Douglas County great! Let’s continue voting for those Republican principles at the heart of our community.

Stephanie Gresh

Castle Rock