I am a 77 year old woman who lives in Arvada. I love to walk on the various paths in Arvada but recently have become very cautious about walking on them. I understand the paths are for walkers and bicyclists. Four times now, I have almost been run over by the cyclists. Some never let you know they are approaching behind you and others will ride side by side while people are walking on the paths.
Recently I was walking and two cyclists were coming toward me on the path. They were riding side by side and as they got closer to me it became apparent they were not going to ride behind each other. I was forced to jump onto the grassy area to avoid being hit. I have two hip replacements and a fall could be very serious for me.
The paths are for walkers and bicyclists and each group should respect whoever is on the path. Courteous is important especially in this time when we are all going through so much. Please cyclists take the time to announce yourself when you are coming upon a person who is walking. You can call out “On your left or your right” or just ring the bell on your bike. We all want to enjoy our great parks and walking paths without someone getting hurt.
Carol Perez,