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The City of Lone Tree has released a master plan for 28 acres of parks and open space in a new residential development east of I-25.

The city’s planning department submitted the Southwest Village Master Park Plan for referral Oct. 9. The document includes plans for three parks in the 700-acre Southwest Village subdivision, south of RidgeGate Parkway and east of Schweiger Ranch. The three parks are only a fraction of the more than 260 acres of parks and open space planned in the Southwest Village.

An additional 80-acre site is set aside northwest of the subdivision for two “regional parks,” bringing the total acreage of planned parks and open space south of RidgeGate Parkway to more than 340.

To read the full master plan, visit cityoflonetree.com.

Coventry Development, the master developer for RidgeGate, will construct the 28 acres of “neighborhood parks.” All three will be maintained by South Suburban. The three neighborhood parks are:

Park A, 6.08 acres

Park B, 12.22 acres

Park C, 9.56 acres

“Park A” will be located on the west end of the development, adjacent to a proposed elementary school and a “regional park.” The park will be family-oriented with space for all ages, the master plan states. The park will have a direct regional trail connection and is expected to have heavy usage.

The largest of the three parks, “Park B” is planned to be a gathering space for “all ages to socialize” at the heart of the subdivision. The park includes regional trail connection, shade shelters, sport courts and “small plaza spaces,” according to the plan. Park B will be the only park of the three with a parking lot.

“Park C” will be “the most naturalized park,” the site improvement plan states, and will serve as an overlook to Badger Gulch, which borders the park to the east. The park will have regional trail connection as well as an outdoor exercise facility.

The plan states the developer has dedicated 236 acres of open space, 19 fewer than the required 255. The remainder of that difference will be paid as a fee-in-lieu to the city.

The Southwest Village is the first neighborhood under construction in RidgeGate East. When finished, the subdivision will include 1,900 single-family homes, 540 market-rate apartments, 175 condominiums and 70 deed-restricted, attainable apartments.

In January, the city announced a partnership with the South Suburban Parks and Recreation District to plan a “signature” park for the city near the intersection of RidgeGate Parkway and South Peoria Street, just northwest of the Southwest Village.

Five South Suburban parks are planned for the whole of RidgeGate East, according to a South Suburban master plan addendum. The addendum lists the 65-acre regional park, a recreation center, 58 acres of “Village Parks,” 404 acres of open space and 14.5 acres of public space in the Lone Tree City Center.