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Campaign website: www.lyndsey4parker.com

What makes you the best choice for this office?

My nonprofit and board management experience brings a unique perspective to town council. I have helped organizations diversify their leadership to bring more voices to the table. I have also worked in community organizing to increase community engagement. As a development professional I have always practiced fiscal conservatism and I understand the complicated balance of funding community needs. A career in fundraising means working behind the scenes to focus on the needs of the greater community, which translates perfectly into the work of a councilmember. I promise to put the needs of the entire community front and center.

If you’re elected, what is one single issue that will be at the top of your agenda?

I will prioritize our infrastructure needs including traffic, parking, water, sanitation and the South Metro Fire Department and Parker Police Department. As Parker continues to grow, we must create a sustainable environment for our residents and ensure that growth does not negatively impact these vital services. Recent developments have proceeded despite the parking concerns that residents continue to voice. Council must be transparent in their actions, making choices that benefit the town with increased revenue to maintain the high quality of life and services, without negatively impacting our basic services and infrastructure.

If you’re elected, what must you accomplish in order for you to consider your term a success?

Town council is elected to represent the entire Parker community, and so my first priority is to ensure that all residents feel represented. I don’t represent a certain industry, rather I represent the young families who call Parker home. If elected my primary goal is to ensure that the continued growth of Parker is sustainable for the community as a whole and balanced in a way that the majority of Parker benefits and our quality of life continues. Although there may be times we disagree, I want all residents to feel that town council serves their best interest.

In your view, what is (or should be) the role and responsibility of a Parker Town Council member?

Town council has a variety of roles including legislative, fiscal and executive responsibility. Another key role is to listen to their constituents. A strong town council is one where the Parker community feels that their concerns are being listened to and their needs are taken seriously. Our town is experiencing incredible growth but this growth must work for all of Parker’s residents including families, retirees, young graduates, small business owners and large corporate employers. Town council should represent the great diversity of Parker’s residents and businesses, and work towards the common good of the town.

Why are you seeking this office?

I’ve spent my career in philanthropy and community service, bringing people together to solve issues in downtown revitalization, education, homelessness and the arts. As I have continued bringing people together, the connections I have built in Parker have been rooted in my experience as a parent and volunteer. I have worked to encourage Parker residents of all ages to become involved in their local government, school district, and community to ensure their voice is heard. I am running for Parker Town Council to bring greater representation to Parker and to listen to the constituents of this town.