School cuts would hurt vulnerable

I am a parent with a child in the 4C Littleton Public School System. I am writing because the $156 million shortfall in state level funding could mean my son and many others no longer have any “options.” The program is on the chopping block. My family moved to Colorado and Littleton, specifically so that our child could be enrolled in LPS. From second grade to fifth grade my child was declining both academically and socially and it was heartbreaking to ultimately have my son diagnosed with severe autism. What was even harder was that other students were beginning to make him the butt of jokes and influence the teacher’s behavior towards him. I cannot begin to explain the cloud of sadness and despair over our household.

Then we met Ashley Broer of the 4C Options school in LPS. She explained they have a program that they think would support Nicholas, my son and provide a learning environment for him. With Ashley’s help we were able to enroll my son in Options.

Soon my son’s entire attitude toward school changed from despising it to loving it. He now has REAL friends and maintains relationships over summer break and is not only outgoing and participatory, he came home with A+ across the board in all his classes at the end of the first quarter a couple of weeks ago

LPS is a pioneer recognized nationwide. The most “at risk” children and families will be hit the very hardest by these cuts.

David Beecher