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The Fort Lupton Boys & Girls Club is having a combination fifth anniversary and Boot Scoot fundraiser celebration Sunday, Oct. 11, with a virtual auction via Zoom. The event also honors Dale’s Pharmacy for its continued support of the youth of Weld County.

“The fundraiser will be virtual because we want it safe for our community. Our goal is to do a mock of the Boot Scoot,” said Travis Hitt, Boys & Girls Club vice president of marketing and engagement.

Hitt, who has been with the Boys & Girls Club for about 10 years, said the support of the community brought the Boys & Girls to Fort Lupton in the first place.

“I was working at a club in Greeley when the Fort Lupton club started. We are excited to be here and to service Fort Lupton as best as we can even now with COVID,” he said.

Because of COVID restrictions the club cannot be inside schools. As a result, the club developed and expanded a program called, “Be Great Box.” These boxes are delivered every week Wednesdays and Fridays to the kids at their homes and are free with no membership required.

Boxes contain food from the Fort Lupton Food and Clothing Bank and anything related to the club’s core programs such as resources, arts, education, leadership, sports and recreation.

The club has been being delivery the boxes for months since the school has been closed. It delivers food donated from the Weld County Food Bank for the entire family. Once school started, the club had to cut back on the food.

“Right now, we have about 60 families with over 150 kids that we deliver boxes to their homes,’ said Hitt.

The Boot Scoot fundraising auction and celebration will be on Zoom with an after-party.

“We are looking for suggestions from the community for music playlist for the after-party. It will be a 30-minute content block in the celebration of the Fort Lupton club for its after-party. It will be straight music,” said Hitt.

There will be auction items, too, and whoever wins an auction can also choose music for the block party. It will be a YouTube playlist.

“We are going to have the celebration after the (Denver) Broncos game and then the community can watch Boot Scoot. The auction will start next Wednesday (Oct. 14) at 10 p.m. The auction closes on Sunday (Oct. 18),” said Hitt. “It is exciting to see these kids 10 years later graduate from high school and go to college, trade school, and other plans. It’s our goal. We can’t do it without the support of the community. We are having conversations to have a stand-alone facility. It will be an investment. It’s our hope and dreams. It is our goal and passion to make it happen in Fort Lupton.”

To sign up for the “Be Great Box” call 90-353-1278 extension 144 or email begreatbox@bgcweld.org.