• Wise

The Douglas County School Board has confirmed Corey Wise as interim superintendent and approved his contract. Wise, who previously served as an executive director of schools, was moved forward as the sole finalist to fill the post that became vacant when Thomas Tucker resigned.

The board voted 5-0 to confirm Wise on Oct. 6, with directors Kevin Leung and Christina Ciancio-Schor abstaining.

Tucker resigned as superintendent in September, citing personal and family matters. Tucker had been placed on paid administrative leave prior to his resignation following allegations of workplace discrimination, according to the district.

Directors held a brief debate about abstaining before the vote, as board President David Ray declined to accept some reasons for Leung’s and Ciancio-Schor’s abstentions.

Leung initially said he was not present for the meeting where directors chose Wise as the finalist but also said he did not want his vote to send the wrong message and would abstain because of that.

Ray said he could not accept Leung’s desire not to “send a wrong message” as a reason to abstain.

Ciancio-Schor also noted she was not present for the vote selecting Wise as the finalist but also said she was not sure if she supported confirming him as interim superintendent. Ray declined to accept her uncertainty around supporting Wise’s confirmation as a reason to abstain.

Both directors ultimately said they would abstain because of their absence at the previous meeting, which Ray accepted.

“If you need that reason, I will give that reason,” Ciancio-Schor said.

Multiple directors said they received overwhelming support for Wise as superintendent, including Leung, but he also noted receiving concern from some parents in the special education community about Wise’s selection.

Wise’s contract stipulates a $220,000 annual salary. His term was scheduled to begin Oct. 9 and end June 30, a period in which the district will search for a permanent superintendent.