• Titterington

Party: Republican

Residence: Unincorporated Arapahoe County

Campaign website: www.deanforcolorado.com

What makes you the best choice for this office?

My focus is on maintaining Colorado values. I also have the strongest public service record: I’m a Marine Corps veteran, the founder and board president of Cherry Creek Academy, a founding board member of the Charter School Institute appointed by governors Bill Owens and Bill Ritter for three terms, a founding panelist on the State Review Panel appointed by the state Department of Education for nine years, appointed to the Charter School Support Initiative Team for 11 years, and a founding and continuing committee member on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Partners in the Outdoors Conference for seven years.

If you’re elected, what issue will be at the top of your agenda?

My main issue will be to restore Colorado values, particularly regarding law and order and education equity. There are places that people generally avoid going because they do not feel safe. Some metro police agencies have adopted “stand down” approaches and allowed rampant lawlessness in their communities. The Colorado value is to “stand up” to lawlessness, not “stand down.” On the State Review Panel, I evaluated failing schools statewide and whether their School Improvement Plans would lead to good academic performance within five years. Thousands of students remain in failing schools and have no shot at the American Dream.

What steps would you take to overcome partisan divide?

More Coloradans are coming to the realization that one-party Democrat rule results in increased lawlessness, an increased homeless population, sky-high housing prices, over-regulation of business, loss of individual freedoms, bankrupt economies, political correctness run amok, cancel culture and, finally, leads to citizens leaving the state due to the increase in socialistic governance. The number of citizens who think socialism is the answer is relatively small but their voice is magnified by a media that has lost its way. Two-party governance can result in commonsense solutions. I can provide that leadership and balance.

How should the General Assembly address budget shortfalls?

Budget cuts to achieve a balanced budget is what we all have to do from time to time. Also, lower taxes can also spur economic growth and financial prosperity. Higher taxes, on the other hand, can drive citizens out of the state, as in California, New York City, etc. Infrastructure improvements can be financed with long-term bonds.

If you’re elected, what must you accomplish in order for you to consider your term a success?

I can lead in re-establishing two party rule that will take us off the path to socialism. I also have a plan to legislatively provide real accountability for failing schools. Ask legislators how many years a failing school should be allowed to continue. Five years, 10 years, 15 years? Whatever that number — preferably lower — there is a solution that can break that cycle of failure: competition. Those schools should be assigned to the Charter School Institute. The Institute would select a new school model only from those models that have proven track records as evidenced by hundreds of successful replications.