• Jurist

Party: Libertarian

Residence: Unincorporated Arapahoe County

Campaign email: david.jurist@libertariancandidate.co

What makes you the best choice for this office?

I act with integrity and ethical behavior. I bring innovative perspective to our now historically intractable challenges. I lead policy with principle-centeredness. I have a strong work ethic, am responsive, show courteous dignity to the individual, and am a good listener. I am likely the only leader who will profess public commitment to Constitutional principles and to our Judeo-Christian heritage to inspire transcendence over perilous policies.

If you’re elected, what issue will be at the top of your agenda?

I advocate that the State of Colorado and Colorado-based private sector enterprises employ American and Colorado citizens first and always for STEM, health professions, and STEM-management jobs to reinforce the strategic, economic foundations and stable tax base of our communities and infrastructure. Social justice should be reinforced with economic justice.

What steps would you take to overcome partisan divide?

I will do my part courteously and respectfully. Division can be overcome only if all participants are first willing to overcome it. Our solution is to raise dialogue to principle-centered, common purposes based in love and Godly wisdom for the highest good for the greatest number. I rely on local community leaders, too. We can still love one another unconditionally and demonstrate respect even if we differ about political means and methods. I would appeal especially to the governor, lieutenant governor, and house leadership to influence unity when issues arise.

How should the General Assembly address budget shortfalls?

Fiscal discipline is absolutely essential. Hire Coloradans for STEM and STEM-management roles first and always to stabilize our tax base. I disdain debt, other than for short-term working capital or without foreseeably assured income and funded reserves to satisfy obligations. I will work diligently with the state’s Chief Data Officer, budget and planning committees, and with the economic analysts in the Legislative Council for innovatively precise, line-item solutions. If truly “we are all in this together,” and we all face economic and financial distress, then financial institutions cannot remain immune, and must also fairly bear their share of these burdens.

If you’re elected, what must you accomplish in order for you to consider your term a success?

I will show Colorado growers and our agricultural industry preferred status essential to our economic base and healthy community foundations. I advocate private sector and state agencies to hire and employ American and Colorado citizens and businesses for STEM and STEM-management roles in order to economically benefit our communities at home. I will present my 100-year vision to year 2120 for the State of Colorado that distinguishes our irreplaceable legacy of natural resources, mineral wealth, food production, knowledge base, and collateralized transactions as a sovereign state among our United States and global society for the trust of our grandchildren.